Hi, we’re Sheena and Lillian.

Thanks for stopping by our site! We created this blog to keep a record of our weekly meals and to share our ideas on eating healthy, ethically, and affordably. We feature meals that can be prepared ahead of time, making it easy to eat well even when busy. We hope you’ll try out and enjoy our recipes!


Sheena teaches psychology and works for an education-focused nonprofit that she co-founded in 2013. She is a trained crisis counselor and psychological first aid responder and is currently getting her masters in Counseling. On her days off, she meal-preps and plays with her dogs.


Lillian loves anything food and cooking-related. When she’s not whipping up dishes or looking at recipes, she works full-time as a proprietary bond trader. She is a trained mechanical and materials engineer and has worked for Spacex, NASA, and Medtronic.