Our Kitchen

Since we move a lot (4 times in the last 3 years), we don’t have a lot of the “must-haves” that most food bloggers have. These “must-haves” that we don’t have include an oven (dutch, toaster, or otherwise), a microwave, a blender, a food processor, a mixer (hand or stand), a toaster, a blender, a coffee-maker…and the list could go on for the number of appliances there are in existence. In fact, we only have one pan/pot thingy that we cook with. We do have a rice-cooker (we are Asian after all) and a slow-cooker. We did also just buy a mortar and pestle, which brings our kitchen into the Late Pleistocene period. Oh, and we have a coffee press, since we are caffeine addicts.


Our pan/pot thingy

Some people might think we’re crazy, or just feel bad for us and our sad kitchen, but I actually love the meagerness of our collection. It forces us to simplify and be creative with our methods. It also gives us an opportunity to think about how our forebears made all of the wonderful dishes that we have come to know and love without having had any of these appliances.

Now that you know the truth about our kitchen, you can rest assured that everything on this blog was made without any fancy appliances (unless you count our mortar and pestle, which I think is pretty fancy), and that you can cook these things too, even if you don’t have a Thermomix, which makes Iron Man look like 1960s Batman.